We are a company developing the business in the field of regenerative medicine which has been developed from the research to treatment stage, and also making the best use of the manufacturing, sales and branding acquired by the regenerative medicine business.
We are proceeding our business by setting out the motto “Let’s make a company which can contribute to the society to provide joy to all the people in the world” for the contribution to the society enabling longer healthy lives through all the businesses related to medicine, beauty and health.
Delivering our customers as many smiles as possible with ultimate joy!
Providing Japan’s regenerative medicine technology and their services to all over the world.
Aiming to be a bridge in the field of regenerative medicine!
Making sure for people to have happy lives through continuous laughing, pleasant and joyful lives.
The timeline is always heading from the future toward the present. It is not that there is a future because there was a past.