Regenerative medicine stem cell cosmetic


INSTINCT BROTHERS is a business group specialized in the field of regenerative medicine stem cell cosmetics.
Aiming to from to be “Regenerative medicine stem cell biotechnical company”, they are proceeding an operation for the contribution to a society in the three fields, “Beauty”, “Health” and “Medicine”.

  • Established November, 2021
    Board Members Tomoki Nagano, President&CEO
    Fumihiro Nagano, Vice President
    Yuji Naito, Senior Managing Director
    Wataru Sato, Managing Director
    Ai Mizoguchi, Director
    Toshiko Yoshida, Director
    Location 3rd Floor, Westside Gotanda Building, 6-2-7 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0031 Japan
    TEL 03-5747-9401
    FAX 03-5747-9402
  • Major Businesses Regenerative medicine stem cell cosmetics
    Regenerative medicine and import, sales, management and delivery of stem cell beauty essence of stem cell cosmetics
    Capital stock 5,000,000yen
    Number of employees 13